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Letter from the Principal                                                                                       

Dear School #4 Families,     

The students, staff, and administration of School #4 welcome you to our website.  We are confident that you will find the information on this site useful and that you will learn more about what makes our school such a special place.

Our school is the smallest elementary school in the district, with fewer than 300 students. We open our doors to all kinds of learners, including our general education students, students in need of academic support and IEP services, as well as students in need of a special class learning environment. We are known as The Small School With the Big Heart.  We live by our school’s mantra- Be brave. Be kind. Work hard. 

During my short time here, I have already become extremely proud of School 4’s commitment to our students.  The faculty strives to challenge students, while meeting individual needs.  We support student achievement while fostering a positive learning community and also ensuring the social-emotional well being of our students.  We are dedicated to our students and are passionate about helping each and every student to succeed. 

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our school community, and for all of your help in making School #4 the amazing place it is! 

Your proud principal,

Mrs. Jackie Graham 

Twitter: @OSchool4